228 Smart Industrial Series (SIS)


8 Reason Why You Should Buy 228 Smart Industrial Series


The modern 228 S.I.S. factories have been built as complete solutions to your business' production needs by focusing on these 8 features:

1 An Established Industrial Address
Located in an established industrial district populated by large local and multinational factories.
2 Excellent Connectivity
High accessibility to and from major locations via: 
 - LEKAS Highway
 - Kajang Seremban (KASEH) Highway
 - Silk Highway
3 Ready Source of Manpower
Semenyih’s population presents a healthy demand for work opportunities, which in turn is an abundant supply of human resources. 
4 Expansion-ready Factories
The Semi-D Link Factories are able to accommodate future expansions of up to 7,804 sq.ft. as your business grows.
5 Renovation-Free
Fully furnished with:
  -   Full foor tiles on 1st and 2nd foor offces
  - Electric roller shutter
  - Autogate
6 Comprehensive Corporate Outlook
An all-in-one hub for your business:
- Corporate offce 
- Showroom 
- Warehouse 
- Factory
7 Guarded with 3-point Security
- Security guardpost
- CCTV at guardpost
- Alarm system
8 Premium Build Quality
Built with the latest industrial building technology:
- Ready loading bay
- Heavy foor loading: 10kn psm./208lbs. psf.
- 3-phase 200amp power supply
- 30’ factory ceiling height

Location Map

Floor Plan

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